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April 26, 2005



i am trying to wrap my brain about point #3 of the focus off the "leaders" and just the conversation of "leadership." if i get it then i might say that at somepoint leaders have to emerge, and what then if we are in the same place?

oh, the practices you suggest are very recognizable business elements. we stand learn a lot from the business world. however, i'd say that some of that indicates that people need to come together in some way. how does something as widespread as emergent come face to face without having "leaders." just my spinning thoughts.


Hi gavin

1) if the leaders emerge from conversations then we have the potential, by changing the conversations, to change the leaders? That is what the exercises are for; to change the tone and texture of conversations in ways that might challenge the common silencing of the feminine voice in church leadership

2) I'm a little surprised if these exercises are recognisable from business. For the most part I find business leaders loath to engage in conversations where they lose control. I'm delighted if there are such emerging business practices! :-)

3) I don't think that the face-to-face factor is too important. For a start we can explore how we conduct conversations in the blogoshere?

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